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I have been studying & learning primitive wilderness living skills, survival skills and skills of self reliance all my life. I just read the book "One Second After."

Combining all secular literary works that I have read- this one book has single handedly justified as well as vindicated the countless hours I have put into my primitive skill set as well as the $10,000+ I have put into my training. It like no other thing ever has prompted me to get up out of my complacency, polish the skills I have and acquire more.

As a young man Primitive skills were cool, neat and full filling to me. Now as a middle aged man they are like an insurance policy in a VERY trying economy coupled with the evening news solidifying the fact that we are living in uncertain times. All this despite the local McDonald's still cranking out french fries today, just as they did yesterday and the day prior. Yes, yes I know. However this does not guarantee french fries tomorrow.

One second after is a fictional story on an EMP attack on the United States. More accurately it is called "future history." It could easily happen any moment. As a story in and of itself it is a great read. A bonus for us southerners is that it is set in Black Mountain, NC which is just outside Asheville. It's neat to read a modern best selling novel that speaks of towns, roads, place names, even creek* names that we are familiar with.

(*for two years I was a professional back packer based out of the Old Fort/ Black Mountain area of western NC and am familiar with all the names in the book)

So what is EMP? Look it up on Wikipedia and do some reading. But in a nutshell when it comes to practically EVERY modern electrical component EMP is like lightning’s bigger meaner brother, but worse than that lightning strikes in one isolated place. EMP is like a blanket covering a MASSIVE area. Also a surge protector will protect electronics form lighting. EMP travels faster than lightning- too fast for a surge protector. So all modern electrical devices circuitry gets destroyed. In a second your car is dead on the spot as is your cell & home phone. The electrical grid goes down- no power, anywhere. There goes refrigeration and with it food & medication as well as grandma’s respirator at the nursing home as well as the loved one in intensive care at the hospital. And most likely pacemakers as well. The electrical steering controls of commercial aircraft- it goes on and on and on. One second it’s life as we know it now. The next second we’re literally back in the early 1800’s... kinda. Does your neighbor today know mid-wifery as a neighbor did back then? Do you know how to black smith, smoke meat or what shrubby tree in the woods will ease a toothache? There’s no 911, but no matter as the Police patrol cars are dead anyhow.

In terms of devastation to America current rouge nations and terrorist cells would be far smarter to detonate a simple nuclear device in our upper atmosphere blanketing all of the continental US with EMP instead of trying to achieve a localized ground detonation with the same device. And they know it...

So lets say you prepare and an EMP attack never occurs. What are you out? Nothing? A little time? Minor expense? That's a cheap insurance policy that feels like a warm blanket- with the bonus being your ready for the next hurricane Katrina, New Orleans flood, nuclear reactor disaster or to help those experiencing same.

I used to teach primitive skills and am getting in a place to soon resume them and on a larger scale. This story in the book is the new theme of my studies of preparedness and instructing of the same. I say this because in the book it is said and continuously inferred that regardless of the event- no matter how tragic or desperate there can be no breakdown of morality. And it is standing upon this- the morality given us in God’s Word that my group shall learn & conduct themselves within.

Regardless; wherever you seek skill an ounce of prevention goes a long way. I’m not trying to drum up fear, doom or gloom. Rather encourage those in my circles and yours to be aware and take some steps of preparedness only.

This is an open letter to my friends asking -YOU- as I have recently to shake off complacency and seek a little knowledge and take a few measures as some of you and all our parents were taught by the Civil Defense Administration a generation ago.

I suggest you OWN your own copy rather than borrow it from a friend. This way you can pass it around as I shall mine. I'm uncertain as to where the best pricing for the book is on the net but a quick search should reveal it. Don't let this fall through the crack. Place your order now lest you go right on as if tomorrow is promised to be in the terms your used to and familiar with. I assure there is no such promise regardless of the quantity of people making the assumption.

I was appreciative to be given the info I have passed on here to you. Thank you Trish! Feel free to pass this letter far & wide, and feel free to strip it of my web address lest anyone should dismiss this urging letter to friends as a sales pitch and use that as an excuse disregard the need of awareness and a simple plan b.

There is no guarantee there will be french fries tomorrow. Yours truly,
Tres MonCeret

PS- I have no affiliation in any capacity with the author of One Second After, Dr. WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN. From the heart I hope you'll own your own copy.

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