Long Range Shooting Clinic

TresMon’s LONG Range Shooting Class/Seminar!

Whether you are a 100-yard deer hunter wanting to shoot @ 500 yards with the gear you already have, or a 600/1000-yard competitor that would like to try a 1-mile shot, or a LEO/Military sniper that would like to give more breadth and depth to your knowledge base, or someone anywhere in between, this class will give you the knowledge to proceed with those desires.

“Local" (Middle & East Tennessee) cost is $115 per person pre-registered, $125 at the door. Out of state (States bordering TN) cost is $125 pre-registered, $140 at the door. Places more distant than noted in the preceeding is a flat $140 per student plus all actual instructor expenses.


Long Range Shooting Topics:

  • Mil & Moa
  • All associated math
Exterior Ballistics:
  • Line of sight
  • Line of Departure
  • Trajectory
  • Speed determination
  • Determining value
  • Associated cosine
  • Constants
  • Mirage
Air Density:
  • What effects it, how it effects trajectory
  • Density Altitude
  • Standard Day
  • Inclined fire
Range Card:
  • Producing your own
  • Typical lay-out & themes
  • Various information
  • Manipulating results
  • Interpolating information
Moving targets/ Movers:
  • Typical target speeds
  • Common ways of leading
  • Math associated w/ Movers
  • Cosines of direction
  • Types & Magnification
  • Reticule style
  • Turret/click values
  • Calibrating the reticule
  • Measuring the actual click value
  • Reticule subtends
  • Testing the tracking
  • Torque specs for mounts
  • Lapping rings
  • All associated reticule/turret math
  • Focusing & eliminating parallax
  • Correcting Vs. Holding
  • Reticle ranging
  • All associated math
  • Others means & tips
Data Book:
  • Usage & value
  • Various tips tricks & more.

Everything will be covered to put you ahead of the curve for going out and gaining positive, solid long range shooting experience.

This is not a live-fire course, this is classroom presentation & training so you can go back to your shooting spot and put to use the skills you learned in class. There are many FINE live-fire Long Range shooting schools in this country.

Cost is typically $600 for the course, plus $300 for ammo plus travel & lodging= $1200.00 +/-

My course is for the working man who can not afford that (such as myself) but desires the same education & training at a price he can afford.

Contact tres@wildernessmeans.com or nativemant@yahoo.com for information & references.

Classes are approximately 9 hours including breaks and lunch-time.


"The day spent with Tres was far more productive than all of the hours on my own. He is able to communicate all of these topics in a way that is easy for each student to understand, no matter their background, and he works hard to be sure that no one is getting left behind. He is able to communicate equally well to those with military, law enforcement, or civilian backgrounds."
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