Wilderness Survival & Bush Craft Training

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hunting, trapping, fishing, living off the land, self reliance, homesteading, primitive skills, edible & medicinal herbs and more.

Outdoors Resume

Tres M.



Objective: To obtain employment in the outdoors, teaching about the outdoors or a combination of both in one my areas of expertise.




Large & Small game, Fowl &Varmint

Rifle pistol and especially archery



Practice & teach primitive trapping

Dead falls, snares – mouse to bear size. ..


Wilderness S&R (10 yrs. Experience based in and around the Great Smokies National Park area)

Ground (search) Team Leader & Commander

FAA photographer

Wilderness first responder

Radio operator/ ground to air coordinator

Was responsible for teaching all required wilderness field skills to our unit.

Worked with adjudicated youth in our youth program


Primitive Skills Practitioner & Enthusiast

Ft. Campbell, KY- Green Beret survival skills

Tom Brown’s Tracking & Primitive Skills Survival School (10 weeks of course instruction)

Earth Walk North West Primitive Skills School


Primitive skills teacher & demonstrator: Shelters, Fire by friction or percussion, water procurement & purification, food procurement and preparation, utilitarian item manufacture: primitive archery &, arrow heads, cordage, netting, fishing tackle, oil/fat lamps, cooking vessels etc.

Basic medicinal & edible plants


Fly Fisherman

Fly-fishing guide

Fly tier

Fly-fishing & casting instructor

Rod builder


Competitive shooter :

Trap & Skeet (Clay pigeons-shot gunning)

NRA high-power (service rifle class 200, 300, 600 & 1000 yards)

IPSC practical pistol

IDPA practical pistol

3 Gun/ Multi Gun

NRA 600 & 1000yd.  long range matches


Tactical/Sniper unknown distance field matches

Firearms sales

Firearms safety and instruction


Custom ammunition hand loader


Machinist (4 years full time training, 12 years experience)

High production

Custom one off piecework

Nuclear/US weapons (cutting edge precision)

(General welding, Oxy-Acetelene, fabrication & blue printing skills)

General mechanic


General outdoors skills :


White water rafting guide

Basic white water kayaking


Backpacking (Head backpacking instructor: SUWS of the Carolinas wilderness therapy for at-risk teens)

Emergency rope rescue

Basic sport climbing

Jack-of-all trades/ general handy man,



Christian morals & standards :

Attended Calvary Chapel Bible College’s Missionary Training Program

Taught Sunday school to children for over 2 years



General computer skills

Utmost professionalism, etiquette, and presentable

Willing to relocate.

James Gibson

First and foremost I am a knife maker. I was privileged to take the Intro. Course at the American Bladesmith Society (A.B.S.) School under Master Smith Jim Batson in October 1998.

In October 1999 I took a Handle & Guards Class with Master Smith Joe Keeslar and in October 2002 I took a Damascus class with Master Smith Tim Foster.

I earned my Journeymen Smith Rating with the (A.B.S.) in2003. I have taken other classes as well. Quillion Dagger Class with Master Smith Kevin Cashen and several others.

I am a flintknapper of 20 years and was the co-host of the Clinch River Knap-in for 10 years and still attend many knap-ins.

I do wood working and wood carving as well as antler, bone, shell, stone and ivory.

I attended the standard course at Tom Brown’s Survival School in 1993. I have studied primitive skills, survival skills and bush craft for many years. I teach survival classes though out the year. I also teach survival classes with Darryl Patton of Gadsen, AL. Darryl has a great website that you can visit at http://thesouthernherbalist.com/.

I have studied the Art of Ninjutsu since the late 80’s and I have earned a 6th degree black belt.

I hope you enjoy the site, and drop me a email or call anytime.



I was born in the 70's to a typical mother & father. Mom was a homemaker and dad an attorney. Mother instilled her loving Christians ways upon me and dad took me out frequently for a wonderful variety of outdoor pursuits including my first ever deer hunt at age 4. I was also started into competitive shotgun shooting at the club level when I was 7. At about age 10 I joined the NRA Junior program and started shooting Indoor Small Bore during the winters and when day light savings time came back around spring we shot NRA Highpower (Service Rifle) outdoors at various locations until the time changed again and we headed back indoors. Through this program I shot my first 1000 yard service rifle match at a long in the tooth age of 12 using a National Match M1a-peep sights of course.

Being a hands-on, kinesthetic learner I was not thrilled about the day in day out drudgery of lifeless textbooks of then conventional class room learning. Truth be known I ONLY stayed in high school and received my diploma simply because at the time the United States Marine Corps would not honor the GED, and required a diploma to be accepted for enlistment. Since I was in my early single digit years I answered the common question adults ask kids "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" with "A soldier!" each time without fail. After doing research on various branches of the military I figured if I was gonna do it I might as well do it right. At 17 years old I joined the Corp in the delayed entry program ("DEP") and was looking forward to my ship date. Most kids join the military and worry about not being able to make it through boot camp. I joined the Marine Corps with incredible fear & trepidation that I would make Series Honor Man.



You missed your calling brother. You may be the world's best machinist, but your ability to take an idea, and put it in words that everyone can understand is a gift. I've met precious few people like you, and I've had an additional 14 years of higher education (after high school). I'm not bragging, I said that to tell you that I've had literally hundreds of teachers and instructors whose job was to teach. You have a knack for it that I don't believe I've seen matched in my 51 years on the planet. I'm better for having met you, even if it is only in writing.

-Ralph J.

James' Knives

About Umbra

 I'm a machinist, gunsmith, writer, and instructor shooting arts & many outdoor topics.

I'm open to employment opportunities.

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Wilderness Survival & Bush Craft Training

Includes: hunting, trapping, fishing, living off the land, self reliance, home-steading, primitive skills, edible & medicinal herbs etc.
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